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Stays with Friends in Foreign Places

Host your friends,

stay at friends,

feel at home wherever you go.

A tool for friends (and friends of friends) to access one another's available properties.

Travel with Stays@Friends
  • Stay in a place
    you trust
  • Save on
    your travels
  • Live like a
    in the world
As a host, you'll...
  • Help people
    you trust
  • Earn extra
  • Rent to friends
    not strangers
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Meet the people who use Stays@Friends

  • John L. Sandra P. Peter M. Julia L. @staysatfriends.
    This GREAT! I've already got 72 friends' places I can stay at in 14 different countries. and counting...
    Love the concept. Simple to use and I apreciate the privacy it offers.
    It 's very reassuring to know that someone I trust is taking care of my home while I'm away.
    It's great to come home from a vacation to a place where the plants are still alive. That's a first! Thank's Eva and Sven!
  • Marc D. David F. Clara C. Monica B. @staysatfriends.
    What a simple way to take mutual advantage of friendship!!!
    What a great experience to discover where my friends of friends live. I've got one living in Skri Lanka!!
    No need to stow away my belongings, I rented my ski cabin to friends which helped me reduce maintenance costs...
    uff... I found a place for my boy to live in New York during the school year. He's staying at my friends uncle's home. It sure is a bit posh for a student pad, but what a relief for me!
  • Matthieu V. Paul W. Nick P. Cristina N. @staysatfriends.
    I only invited a few of my friends and I've already got places I could use on 3 continents.
    Very enjoyable stay at a bargain price. We stayed at Peter's house in Barcelona, and what a great host! He left us a bunch of awesome recommendations: what to see, where to eat...
    I have a really cool cabin in Colorado which I only use 2 month a year to retire and go fishing. The rest of the time I make it available to my S@F network.
    Our daughter Laura moved to Barcelona, and when she gave birth to our grand son we got on the first plane from BB AA, and we got to stay during one month in a room rented to us by a friend of Laura a block away from her place
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